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  • fullerra 12:13 on 05/18/2012 12:13 Permalink | Reply  

    Final Feature List + Bug Report 

    The following is the list of feature that we support with the final delivery of our product.  Below it is a list of bugs (and confusion items) that Mike commented on.

    High Importance

    • Calendar UI Elements
      • Weekly View
      • Monthly View
      • Daily View
      • Create/Edit Event Page
    • Improved Login Page UI
      • Configuration Button
        • Store Password
        • Server (default:
        • Username
        • Password
        • *Auto Logout Time
    • App selection page UI (Home Screen)
    • Message App UI Elements
      • Create New Message Page
      • Inbox Page
        • Saved Messages
        • Received Messages
      • Reading Messages Page
    • Message App Features
      • Reply to messages
      • Ability to save and load messages
      • Edit Saved Message
      • Send Message
        • New
        • Saved
          • Don’t see how to access this
      • Marking message as “Read”
        • Only available in the Caregiver’s messages, if the caregiver views a patient’s message, it should not be marked as read

    Medium Importance

    • Swipe Support
      • Monthly
      • Weekly
      • Daily
    •  Automatically loading the last selected customer


    Mike’s Feedback / Comments / Bugs

    • Can’t figure out how to create Events
    • Not sure how we implemented Ability to save and load messages.
    • Don’t see how to access saved messages
    • Don’t see how to access client messages.
    • XMPP support not completed
    • Swiping causes a crash every time.
    • I can’t tell if it is automatically loading the last selected customer


  • sicklemc 22:57 on 05/14/2012 22:57 Permalink | Reply
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    Group Work 

    We’re just finishing up our group meeting. Just compiled, tested, and sent out an apk to Mike so he can start playing around with it before out meeting on Wednesday.

  • sicklemc 21:08 on 05/14/2012 21:08 Permalink | Reply

    My Work 

    I worked a total of 5 hours this weekend and earlier today. I got daily and weekly events pulling from the dbAPI. Just need to add the two drop down boxes in event page and the customers pulling from the API

  • lintan49 01:34 on 05/14/2012 01:34 Permalink | Reply

    Worked 4 hours finished reply, fixed bugs of date format, fixed bugs when unselected item on message page list it would get force exit.

  • fullerra 13:07 on 05/09/2012 13:07 Permalink | Reply  

    Advisor Meeting (5/9/2012) 

    Matt – work on using Events from mock calls to server as well as recurrence types and alert types.  Switch app selection and customer selection pages.  Also use the customers from the call to server.

    Lindsay – work on unit testing, execute all tests, write summary/user documentation

    Tan  – fix reply, fix dates, add tests cases

    Ryan – finish calls to server for saving and updating objects, also make calls for checking server for things such as username and password

    We will meet again this weekend if everyone can as well as Monday night at our usual time, after which we will zip up our project and send it to Mike along with the apk for the Android device.  Mike will provide us with feedback during our meeting with both him and Alex at 12:40 on Wednesday.

  • fullerra 22:56 on 05/07/2012 22:56 Permalink | Reply  

    Work (5/7/2012) 

    I helped Matt and Tan get through the errors they were having and we fixed some errors that allowed them to the run app.  We also finished the calls and worked with Tan to get my messages connected to his messages.  This was mostly successful except we need to fix some minor things (such as fixing the year of the message we are getting).  We may have to fix some parts of Matt’s Events as well.

    2 hours.

    Next I am going to make the send methods in the DatabaseCalendarAPI and DatabaseMessageAPI so Matt and Tan can make calls to them (which will do nothing essentially) which would in theory send the Event or Message to the server.

  • fullerra 22:50 on 05/03/2012 22:50 Permalink | Reply  

    Work (5/3/12) 

    I spent some time working with Tan to get him to understand what we will be doing with the (mock) Messages that we received from the calls to the API.  Then I finished up writing all of the calls to “get” data from the API for both Calendar and Messaging app.  My next step will be to get all of the “set” calls made so that we are calling the correct method in the APIs when we need to update or make a new Event / Message.

    This took 1 hour.

  • dayslake 17:52 on 05/02/2012 17:52 Permalink | Reply
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    Advisor Meeting (5/2/12) 

    See Sprint 3 Wrap-up and Final Sprint posts

    To Do
    Lessons Learned presentation is next Wednesday; plan on spending time during the meeting next Monday working on this.

    Total Time Spent
    1 hour

  • dayslake 17:51 on 05/02/2012 17:51 Permalink | Reply
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    Final Sprint 


    • Connect old views to new objects
      • Calendar (3 hours)
      • Messaging (4 hours)


    • Thorough unit tests-messaging (4 hours)
    • Connect old messaging views to new messaging objects (2 hours)
    • Test using a mock service (4 hours)


    • Modify order of app/customer selection pages (2 hours)
    • Implement auto-logout based on inactivity (4 hours)
    • Thorough unit tests-events (4 hours)


    • Thorough unit tests-login & customer selection (4 hours)
    • Testing report: Execution of all tests (4 hours)
    • User documentation (2 hours)
  • dayslake 17:46 on 05/02/2012 17:46 Permalink | Reply
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    Sprint 3 Wrap-Up 

    Note: all completed tasks are in red


    • Integrated code into the project
    • Create appropriate mock objects for the following (7x 1 hour each)
      • week list of events
      • day list of events
      • list of messages from contact to user
      • all contacts of user
      • recurrence types for each event
      • audible alert types for each event
      • phone carrier types
    • Retrieve actual data from the database for all the above
    • Send data to database; if time permits


    • Stylistic changes to messaging
      • Navigation buttons; i.e. app selection, logout
      • Display customer information
      • Color scheme for selected messages
      • Display contents of old message in replies
    • Remember app
    • Basic unit tests-messaging


    • Minor modifications for event page; reminders, etc.
    • Buttons for calendar views
    • Modify order of app/customer selection pages
    • Research auto-logout based on inactivity
    • Basic unit tests-events


    • Basic Unit Tests-login & customer selection
    • Testing document
      • Creation
      • Execution of all tests

    • Remember app documentation
    • User documentation
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